Fascinating Muslim Funeral Traditions

Muslims have their own traditional way of burying their dead; they also have their own practices when it comes to conducting funeral services. When a Muslim dies, the body is immediately buried and thus, planning and preparation must be done as soon as possible.

funeralThe local Islamic organization should be contacted to assist the family in arranging the burial and funeral services, as well as in choosing and coordinating with the funeral home. Routine autopsies, cosmetology, cremation, and embalming are prohibited.

Preparing the body for burial

The corpse must be physically cleansed, and washing the deceased is called Ghusl. The temporal position and locale of the deceased will dictate the method, accessories, and style to be used in bathing. Close family members of the same sex are the ones that should give the Ghusl; however, if it is a spousal death, the spouse will do the washing.

The washes should be odd numbered. Therefore, the body is needs to be washed at least three times. A certain order also needs to be followed in washing the body. The upper right side should be cleaned first, followed by the left; the lower right side and lower left side are next. If the deceased is a woman, the hair must be washed and three braids should be made.

Once the body is clean it will be covered in a white cloth called Kafan. Different regions have their own specifics when it comes to choosing the style, color, and materials that will be used for the cloth. In shrouding the body, simple cloth must be used. Three pieces of large cloth is used for males, and five pieces are necessary for female. Women are made to wear a sleeveless dress that reaches the ankle. A head veil is also worn.

The body is placed on top of the sheets and the left hand should be positioned in a prayer position. Folding the sheets should start at the right side and then the left, until they’re completely wrapped around the body. Also, a rope is used to secure the body. After the body’s secured, it will be transferred to the mosque for the “Salat al-Janazah” (funeral prayers).

Traditional Muslim funeral services

Muslim funeral services start with a prayer. Everyone in the community must perform the Salat al-Janazah. Everyone is required to face the Qiblah or the direction towards Mecca and recite the prayer in the courtyard, study room, or prayer room of the mosque. A three-line formation is usually followed – males closely related to the deceased should be on the first line, men on the second, followed by children and women.

The body will be transported to the cemetery after the Salat al-Janazah has been recited. Men used to be the only ones allowed in burials, but more and more communities are allowing women to be present.

All about the grave’s specifics

The grave must be perpendicular to the qiblah when dug and the body is placed on the right side. “Bismilllah wa ala millati rasulilllah” must be recited by the people who are going to place the body in the grave. Layers of stone or wood are place on top of the body to prevent direct contact with the soil. Three handfuls of soil are placed on the grave by those in attendance. Small stones or markers are placed on top of the grave for recognition.

Is there anything else to know?

Well, the mourning period usually lasts for 40 days, and for widows it lasts for four months and ten days. The first three days after the burial and funeral services, the community will provide food for the family that will receive the visitors.

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For the Perfect Swing

Golf is a sport that requires precision and accuracy. The goal of this sport is to hit a ball into a series of holes using the fewest number of swings. While this may seem to be rudimentary, there are actually several factors which make this sport difficult. These include wind, course texture, and the type of golf club. The first two factors are uncontrollable and therefore cannot be changed. On the other hand, different golf clubs can be used for different purposes. To get the best out of these golf clubs, they should be purchased from notable companies such as Taylormade Golf. In this article, the different golf clubs offered by the company will be tackled and analysed for their strengths.


Taylormade golfThe driver is arguably the most important golf club because of its use as a long distance club. These clubs usually have a large head and a long shaft to get the most out of the golfer’s swing. Taylormade Golf introduced the first metal driver back in 1979 and has since been the leading manufacturer of drivers ever since. The drivers currently offered by the company features more loft and low centre of gravity resulting to a swing that produces more distance and less spin. They also have customizable weight points for adjusting the club weight to the golfer’s preference.


Fairways are also long distance clubs but are more tuned for precision compared to drivers. The fairways currently offered by Taylormade Golf also have a low centre of gravity and have the company’s speed pocket technology. The speed pocket technology improves the initial ball speed upon the club’s impact resulting to a longer distance travelled by the ball at every swing. This, combined with the low spin rate created by the low centre of gravity, ultimately leads to efficient and powerful swings each and every time. Aside from these, the fairways also have a compact head size and a shallow face.


Rescues are very similar to fairways and are also meant for long distance ball travel. The rescues available for purchase have the same low centre of gravity and speed pocket technology present in the fairways. The only difference is that the face of the rescues are shallower which makes it easier to launch the ball at a high angle. This is partnered with the club’s design which also promotes ease of launch.


Irons are all-around golf clubs which means that they can be used for both short and long distance shots as well as on different terrains. For their irons selection, Taylormade Golf offers clubs that have an elongated speed pocket and low centre of gravity for ease of launch and more centralized ball speed. The irons also have specifically engineered heads that are optimized for distance, control, spin, and trajectory. They also have balanced distance gaps and bending notch for comfort and fine adjustments.


Wedges are clubs that have a greater loft than irons, high mass club heads, and wide soles. They are used for accurate, short distance shots such as for ball placement on the green. As such, these clubs were designed for precision and accuracy rather than for ball distance. The wedges offered by Taylormade Golf all have an optimized face that improves the ball spin for added control. They also have aggressive grooves for increased spin and control. They also have a heavy shaft for better grip and control of the club.


Putters are a special type of golf club that are designed for hitting the ball across the green and toward the hole. The putters offered by the company all have high moment of inertia heads for maximum stability and control. It also has a counterbalance grip for increased stability while aiming for the hole and while swinging the club. The head was designed in such a way as to promote a smooth ball roll. This was done through the combination of materials and inserts.

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Custom Lanyards for Event Sponsors

A company that will sponsor an event, a convention, seminar, or training can get a lot of attention from the attendees. If the company, however, has only a few or no freebies and giveaways at all, they may be ignored no matter how large their booth is or how much money they paid. People have really little to zero consideration to an event’s sponsors. In the first place, people attend conventions and seminars in order to learn more, share their ideas and meet other colleagues.

Sponsoring companies only gain some attention during breaks wherein attendees might roam around or during prepared mini games in between segments of a program. Hence, companies, especially the small ones and the minor sponsors should grab people’s attention during these times through eye-catching booths, creative gimmicks and of course, several freebies and giveaways.

One good idea for freebies is giving away custom lanyards. This idea has withstood the test of time along with giving away pens, pencils, notepads, and key chains. However, custom lanyards are way better for a lot of reasons than the others during conventions and seminars.

badge lanyardsFirst of all, name tags or ID’s are always a must during gatherings of professionals such as an annual convention or a lecture from a Nobel laureate. And most of the time, attendees do not really bring their own ID laces or lanyards. To take advantage of this fact, sponsors can give free lanyards to the participants. Not only did the participant owe you one, but you were able to market your own brand. Of course, the participant would be wearing your company’s lanyard for the whole day in the next two or more days. Not only is that a good advertising and product promotion, but it can also tell more people that your company is present during the event.

This can lead to more people visiting your booth and eventually, more people advertising for your sake. Another good thing is that the effective marketing part does not end there. It continues until the participants go home and hang their lanyards at home for their family to see and until they wear them as ID laces to work up to when they go grocery shopping and use them as car key holder.

Second, custom lanyards are good freebie items since they are inexpensive. They can also be mass produced. And for the people who will get them, they are very useful. Going back to reason number one, the more these people use your lanyard, the better advertising it is for your company. These lanyards are more effective than pencils and notepads because they are wearable unlike the other two that are always kept in bags. Moreover, when the time comes when they will use the pen, they will be blocking your company’s brand anyway. It is not effective if no one can see them in the first place, so lanyard is better because they can just let it hang.

Since the lanyards are also customized, the company can create something that will suit their tastes best. They can make custom lanyards that only incorporate their company’s color. They can also design something different for each product in order to make various designs wherein event participants and other clients can collect.

Aside from being a freebie for people who might visit your booth, custom lanyards can also be given as prizes during simple games in between parts of the event’s program. They can also be used as consolation prizes for raffles and can also be included in bigger prizes. They are very useful and easy to carry around accessories so everyone would definitely want them.

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Take Advantage of Storage Containers

Moving to a new place can be a daunting task and experience. It is also a heavy and difficult job since you will need to remove and take down a lot of fixtures and decorations that were hung on the wall and can be detached. You also need to make sure that all precious items are covered properly so they will not be broken or damaged. These include vases, glasses, plates and cups that are made of delicate materials and are easily broken so you need to make sure that they are wrapped in bubble wrap first and carefully arranged in boxes or containers. You should not forget move and lug around all the heavy furniture and boxes full of your other important belongings. You need to be able to keep them properly in safety storage containers so you can easily transfer from your old place to your new home.

Storage containersYou can find a lot of available moving companies that can help you during your relocation. However, some of them will only offer the usual services for transfer such as the truck, the driver, and the assistances who will carry and move all your belongings from your old home to your new place. These days, you can find a number of firms will provide more than the usual services of moving companies. They can offer a wider range of moving and storage service than you can take advantage of.

Aside from moving or transferring all your stuff from one place to another, these companies can also offer storage services by providing storage containers. You will have more benefits at www.moveablecontainer.com when you make use of their services in order to relocate or move with less hassle and can go more smoothly.

When you decide to avail of their services, they can deliver storage containers to your home so you will have time to attend to other important matters. You can even pack your own stuff at your most comfortable pace. You can choose storage unties that are relatively small in size you can easily place them near your home. This will enable you and those who will help you to have the ease and convenience of hauling boxes from your place to the storage units. You are guaranteed that all your valuable possessions will be properly protected against the harsh elements because these storage units are made of sturdy materials such as steel which makes them more durable and resistant to weather conditions such as too much heat and water. The storage facilities are durable and damage proof while they can last longer despite frequent use and with less maintenance.

Another benefit of hiring these storage services is that you can save a lot of time and money. There is no need to reserve or rent a truck in transport all your belongings from your old place going to your new home. Moving is already part of their service when you rent or buy storage units from them.

The last benefit that you can avail when you hire storage service providers is that they have a wide range of services that you can think of. There are times when you need to temporarily store some of your items. These firms can offer storage containers in difference sizes and prices in order to meet your storage requirements. You can opt for a long term storage unit and they will be able to provide what you need. You are guaranteed that any item you leave in the storage unit you have rented will always be safe and secure within the facility. You can have a peace of mind because your valuable items are protected and free from getting damage or broken.

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Printed Circuit Board: Parts

Almost all of our electronic devices would have this. Without this piece of hardware, going into the Space Age would not be very easy. Developing this came from not just with being efficient, but also with making sure our devices would all function properly. This is the printed circuit board.

The printed circuit board is what allows any electronic component in an electronic device to talk to each other, but at the same time, reduce its room because of it being compact. Development of this went way back as early as possibly the 1850’s, but it was not until the 1940’s that this was further developed, and after World War II, it was then commercially produced.

If you are to look at a cross-section of a printed circuit board, you will notice that it will have a few layers, similar to a layer cake. These layers all work together to create the needed connection for all components to make a circuit work. It all starts with the board itself.

The board is what holds everything together. The board, or substrate, is made of either a semi conductive material, or of an insulated material. Usually, a lot of material is used, but the most common material used is fibreglass. Fibreglass is known to be rigid, but flexible at the same time. In production terms, fibreglass can be known as, “FR4.”

printed circuit boardThe next layer of a circuit board would be for the conductive part that creates the actual circuit. The most common used material for this layer is copper. Copper is known to be a good conductor, and is inexpensive. A pattern for a circuit board will be generated first by a designer, and then it will be transferred to the board that will be used. Copper will then be “printed,” or etched into the board to create the said pattern. After that, holes were the components will be placed will be drilled into the board. The thickness of the copper may vary as well, depending on the design and how a said component will need electricity. There may be cases as well that the board will have a double-sided layer, which means the copper is printed on both the top and bottom part of the board. In some cases, copper layers can go from just 2 layers, up to 16 and more.

A printed circuit board that you will see is usually green in color. This is not the actual colour of the board, but instead, this is the color of the soldermask. A soldermask is placed on top of the copper pattern, to insulate the copper pattern on the board, and to protect it from contact with other components of the circuit board. This also helps in making sure parts are soldered in correct places, and it helps prevent solder jumping, or getting excess solder from touching one copper pattern with another.

Once the circuit board is complete, it will be confusing to see which component goes to where. Labelling the board will become necessary, and that is when we can use a silkscreen. The silkscreen layer is usually white, and it prints labels onto the circuit board, allowing faster recognition of each component.

Some circuit boards, like that of a video card, needs to be connected to another part of a device. It is easily done so with a part of a board showing exposed copper contacts, that you insert into the other board. These parts are called fingers.

Holes where some components will be placed will have a copper ring around it, and they are called annular rings. They help in allowing a better contact between the component and the circuit on the ring itself. These rings are placed after a hole is drilled into the board at drill hits, then once the component is placed in, they are soldered in place.

Each electrical component is important, and with the help of the printed circuit board, manufacturing and using our electronic devices has never been easier.

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Search Engines Are Fickle – 3 Ways To Entice Them To Rank You Higher

Ranking within search results is harder than ever. There was a time when it was easy. You may recall when you could submit your site to a lot of different search directories and engines with a push of a button and see a flood of traffic to your page. Those were great times, and something that you’re not going to see come through in a lot of ways today. In the past, things were easier online because the algorithms that search engines were using were simple. They have become increasingly complex as marketers have started to figure out how to “game” the system. Instead of gaming things today, they have to build several elements of overall marketing that is going to be a slow burn in rankings. It’s with that in mind that you should understand that search engines are fickle in the way that they rank pages, and you could end up dealing with a variety of issues as a result.

The problem with search engines today is that they are not giving anyone a fair chance to know what the algorithm is they use. You may think that you’ve figured it out, but right when you start to gain steam online, you will get pushed out of the search results through penalties. Getting the pages to rank you higher than normal or to get you in the right place overall is harder than ever, and people of all different industries are seeing that this is true. But what truly irks many marketers is not the complexity, but the fact that you could do everything right, and still end up getting pushed out. For instance, if you were to get backlinks, and you truly earned them, you could still get penalized by search engines for using backlinks as part of your SEO campaigns. This is a complexity that most people don’t really understand and search engines will flip flop in how they serve these issues.

If you want to comply with the elements of search results and you want to gain leverage, you’ll want to look at 3 ways that will entice them, and some of it may in fact help you overcome penalties as well.

Update Your Site Often

SEOFirst and foremost, never let your site become dormant. Too often people let their pages go dormant because they don’t have time to update them. Don’t let this happen, always update your page, and if you can’t really get it often, then focus on publishing things ahead of schedule. You’ll want to ensure that your pages are getting pushed into the public eye as much as possible, and that means updates on a regular basis. If you are not updating your page frequently, and you just can’t get around to it at all, then hire an article marketing company to help you. Do not let your site get dormant, you will not recover with relative ease, guaranteed.

Build PPC Campaigns

In order to fully comply with all the different rules and get a bit of traffic to your page, you’ll want to look into building PPC campaigns that will cover you in case anything goes wrong. These are going to offer you a bit of traffic that is targeted and located within many different pages. Whether you’re in search results or you’re in the sponsored listings across several million pages, you’ll find that this can generate traffic for you even when you’re being penalized for an algorithm violation overall. This could cost you a little money, but you will find that the traffic generation is key here and something that is definitely worth chasing on a regular basis. Pay per click is a long term solution that can help you in the hard times of traffic and give you that added credibility within search engines as they show preferential treatment to those that use their services.

Publish Content Across The Internet

Instead of just publishing things on your website, find a way to publish in other areas. You want to ensure that you’re able to gain leverage through a variety of means and one of them means updating content through article directories and other arenas. You’ll want to make sure that you’re building towards a greater position point here and something that is going to help you gain a good deal of marketability through content. It’s something that will either give you credibility or something that will push you into the public eye, which is good on both fronts. As long as you aren’t spamming people, this is a good solution to chase.

At the end of the day, you want to look into content marketing as a way to leverage interest within search engines. You’ll find that it can help you gain leverage in the right areas, and provide you with a lot of attention when it matters most. Just remember, this is not something that is easy to get done and something that you shouldn’t forget to publish. If you end up forgetting to work with SEO and content, you will end up getting dropped from indexes and see no major traffic come your way, so be careful about how you promote your site.

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